when love comes knocking


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What do you do when life changes in an instant?

How do you find normal again when you suddenly move from indescribable bliss to devastating loss in the moment a heart stops beating?

As an invisible awkward child growing into a teenage marriage, “Showered By Grace” tracks the spiraling journey from a grim desert to a captivating summit. Life had become a bleak trek of wilderness survival prior to a revelation in 2005 that changed my life forever. Despite unwise choices, love came knocking on my door from Goshen, Indiana. 

This Cinderella at age 47 married Prince Charming in 2008. Our incredible love blossomed in the Land of Goshen. Every day was pure joy. I never knew such love existed outside of fairy tales. Quietly and suddenly, in the early morning hours, he moved to heaven in 2011. Through the pain and tears of searing grief, I discovered love from the source of all love, and a new relationship was birthed. 

God scooped me up and gently placed me around His shoulders as He carried me through that weighted valley over the next few years. He cradled me with His love and bathed me with tenderness. The physical loss of my husband triggered grief over all the previous losses from childhood and my adult life. Through His grace and mercy I found healing of the old pain that had lingered from the past. He enabled me to forgive and trust with a newfound love for other injured and lost people. He changed my heart, my thoughts, my desires, and through this beautiful exchange He gave me an amazing love story to share.  

"take my hand

walk with me

down the road

not knowing where

smile at me

kiss me

whisper my name


I share "Showered By Grace" as my first published book. Before being called to write I worked in medical transcription for 35 years. I am an author, widow, and grandmother who enjoys my family and the mountains of East Tennessee. The journey has just begun.

Contact me at irisundergrace@gmail.com to hear more about this story of God's amazing love and redemption. I would be delighted to share in greater detail with you or your group. May you be inspired by the Holy Spirit as you travel my journey in "Showered By Grace".